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[Phone] So everyone had a similar kind of dream, hmm? And a lot of people were taken in by it. You know, some say that dreams are like a window into your mind, but it's a little hard to think of them that way when someone else is messing around with them. I hope the people talked about in the newscast are all right...

Well, if anyone wants to talk, I can keep you company! I think we all need a little help keeping our minds off of things.
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[Action: 845 Goldberg, morning] [Paprika wakes up in a strange house, in a strange bed, next to a strange man. She doesn't scream, doesn't cry out, doesn't even say anything. She just gets up and looks around, examining everything.

She can tell something's different. Wrong. When she puts her hand up to the pictures, she can't fall into them like she should be able to.

If this is a dream, she can't do anything in it.

But she doesn't even frown, she just gets dressed, admires her new outfit, and wanders around the house.]

[Action: Around Mayfield, throughout the day] [She'll be wandering around town, looking at everything, and greeting everyone, including the drones, with a smile and a cheerful "hello!"]


Dec. 11th, 2011 12:38 pm
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If you are not a member of [livejournal.com profile] mayfield_rpg please remove this journal as it is now going to be used solely for that game! Thank you!


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